Couples and Marriage Counseling

Is it possible to save your marriage?

Almost every couple faces problems, challenges and struggles along the way. Some couples work through these issues on their own, other couples seek professional help.

Just like getting help when your car breaks down or finding a good car mechanic, plumber or other professional, seeking guidance from a therapist can help assist you in solving a range of problems in a relationship.

Here are some of the more common relationship challenges as discussed in an article on WebMD:

Relationship Problem: Communication

Most relationship problems have their roots in poor communication. If you are able to learn healthy communication strategies, it will increase the ability to solve relationship issues.

Relationship Problem: Sex

Many couples experience challenges with intimacy and sex ranging from issues of frequency, types of activity and other areas. By increasing your awareness and the awareness of your partner to these problems, a healthy sexual and intimate relationship can often develop.

Relationship Problem: Money

Finances represent another landmine where heated discussion, disagreement and even anger may develop. Learning to work together regarding financial issues can improve a relationship significantly.

Relationship Problem: Not Making Your Relationship a Priority

As time goes on within a relationship, life can get in the way. It is easy to let other priorities creep in and steal valuable time away from the most important relationship in your life: you and your partner.

Relationship Problem: Conflict

Almost every relationship will experience conflict at some point. It is not the conflict itself that matters, but how each partner deals with the conflict that can help you work through it effectively or derail the relationship in a destructive manner.

Relationship Problem: Trust

Many challenges can cause a loss of trust ranging from infidelity to lying, inconsistency, lack of follow through, unreliability just to name a few. Being able to trust your partner is paramount to producing a positive relationship.

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