Sex Addiction Therapy

Sexual Addiction High Frequency Outpatient Program

Have You Experienced Any of These Sexual Addiction Symptoms?

  • Preoccupation with sexual thoughts and or behavior
  • Using sex to cope with anxiety or escape reality
  • Engaging in sexual behaviors that violate personal values
  • Participating in sexual behaviors such as seeking prostitutes
  • Engaging in high risk sexual behavior
  • Exposing self and others to S.T.D. s
  • Lying to others to hide sexual acting out behavior
  • Impaired relationships or loss of relationships due to sexual acting out
  • Loss of productivity at work, family time or decreased time for hobbies
  • Feelings of guilt and shame after sexually acting out
  • Frequently engaging in online sexual activities (porn, chat, etc.)
  • Blaming others for one’s sexual acting out
  • Efforts to stop looking at pornography, but could not
sex addiction

Did you know?

Many people believe that looking at pornography is normal. They don’t understand the connection between viewing pornography and the frequent consequence of developing disrespect toward the opposite sex, losing self-respect, and damage caused to reduced effectiveness at work and/or poor relationships with family.

The more a person watches pornography over time, the more he or she begins to crave this stimulation. Many individuals will build up tolerance which means that they need either more graphic material or longer exposure to achieve the desired feelings. As addiction develops, it eventually reaches a point where nothing can satisfy the addicts sexual appetite.

Understand that you are not alone

Sexual addiction impacts males and females of all ages. The Society for the advancement of Sexual Health indicates that around 3-5% of the population seeks treatment for sexual addiction which would be approximately 9 to 15 million Americans. In fact, many more people may struggle with problematic sexual behavior. Surveys suggest that 80% of sex addicts are male.

Learn how an High Frequency Outpatient Program can help you

There are various levels of treatment ranging from outpatient, intensive outpatient to inpatient treatment.

A typical outpatient treatment involves seeing a therapist once a week. An intensive outpatient treatment involves multiple sessions a week and often for a longer period. Inpatient treatment means a person temporarily lives at the place (hospital) where they receive treatment.

While outpatient treatment is effective for many individuals, if a person has been involved with sexually addictive stimuli such as viewing pornography, and other behaviors over a number of years, an intensive outpatient program may be more appropriate and perhaps even necessary to arrest the negative cycle of addiction.


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