Stress Management

Stress Management and Self-Care

We live in a fast-paced, 24/7 world where the mantra we often hear is “do things quicker, build things bigger, make things better!”.

While this type of mantra in and of itself is neither good or bad, it can bring a high level of stress leading to unpleasant thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Do you experience a high level of stress in any of the following areas:

stress management
  • Work: boss or supervisor, co-workers, employees
  • Relationship(s): partner, children, in laws, ex-spouse
  • Finances: bills, credit card debt, spending too much
  • Sexuality/Intimacy: Not enough connection, closeness, activity
  • Addiction: sex, shopping, eating, alcohol, drugs

Fortunately there are stress management skills to reduce the pressure and anxiety that often builds up.
If you are looking for more effective methods of dealing with day to day stress, please contact us for further information about how to live a stress-free life!

What are some common stress management techniques and skills:

  1. Relaxation skills including deep breathing, mindfulness, etc.
  2. Education about how stress impacts your mind and body
  3. Identifying your stress triggers
  4. Managing and regulating stressors
  5. Cognitive skills to manage stress

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