Sexual Addiction

It is estimated that as many as 13.5 million Americans have a Sexual Addiction.

Could it be possible that you suffer from sexual addiction?

Here is one way to assess your level of problematic behavior. The following questions will provide some insight as to whether or not you may be suffering from sexual addiction.

Have you been overwhelmed with lustful thoughts?
Do you ever regret looking at porn?
Felt sex or stimuli are controlling you?
Lost time at work because of it?
Are you tired of trying to escape painful feelings?
Has it interfered with relations with your spouse?
Are you tired of living a “double life?”

If you have checked three or more statements above, I encourage you to continue reading.

The question you may likely be asking is:

“Am I a sex addict?”

The following examples may provide you with the insight you are looking for…

John is a 40 year old executive and a high achieving businessman who travels about 50% of the time for his job. He struggles with looking at pornography and wishes he could kick the habit. Sometimes he justifies using Porn because of the stress of his job. Porn seems to help him “relax”. But recently his wife caught him masturbating to a pornographic movie and was extremely upset at him. She accused him of watching movies to satisfy himself rather than connect with her. He has tried to “kick the habit” in the past, but somehow, sooner or later he always seems to go back. This sexual behavior is leading him down a destructive path.

Tom is a 48 year-old business owner. He was divorced many years ago and his second marriage isn’t going that well either. Tom often finds himself going to strip clubs seeking companionship. Over the past few years he spent several thousand dollars, but usually left feeling empty and dissatisfied. He wants to improve his relationship with his second wife but just doesn’t know how. He looks at porn two to three times a day but finds it boring. Recently he has been fantasizing about a sales woman who is 15 years his junior. He knows this would just be a disaster.

Dick is a 57 year-old sales rep for a well-known company. His job requires extensive travel both domestically and abroad. After three failed marriages, he decided to just live with his current partner without any strings attached. He recently found himself calling up an escort service on his last business trip to celebrate closing a large deal. His partner called him that night to see how he was doing but he didn’t answer the phone because he was “tied up”. He knew he couldn’t tell his partner what he had done, but lying and cheating didn’t seem like a good option either.

If you identify with any of these scenarios, you are most likely suffering from problematic sexual behavior and heading down an addictive sexual path that will only lead to destruction, loss, and despair.

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What does Problematic Sexual Behavior, sexually acting out and sexual addiction all look like over time when it isn’t addressed:

  • You become more and more selfish
  • Anxiety or depression can set in
  • Your life is chaotic
  • Emotionally you disconnect from others
  • Lying and cheating become more prevalent
  • It is difficult to be happy and find contentment
  • You are angry much of the time
  • You feel irritable
  • Impulsivity is common
  • There are times you feel resentment
  • Relationships are very superficial
  • You rarely ‘really care’ about the needs of others
  • You look for ways to escape emotional pain
  • Sexual stimuli seem to help blunt the pain for a short time
  • You wish your life was better
  • You want to get off the ‘merry-go-round’

In all my years of practice, the elementary truth is you’re not the happy person you’d like to believe. You’re not satisfied, your partner certainly isn’t, and you frantically, yet fruitlessly, seek your ‘Mistress’ (Porn, Strips clubs, Sensual massage, Prostitutes, Multiple sexual partners, Affairs…) in your vain attempt to connect with something or someone. The good news is, there is a way to get your life back! It is time to take back control of your life isn’t it?

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