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Social media has become a big part of the world we live in.  We have multiple apps on our phones like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok and Twitter.  According to the Healthy Children article by Moreno M.D. & Radesky M.D., “Social Media & Your Child’s Mental Health:  What Research Says,” indicates that in 2022 approximately 1/3 of 13 to 17 year-old’s used social media sites almost constantly.

Social media is impacting young people in many ways.  The article says there is a “rise in depression and anxiety among teens.”  There are different ways that young people can use social media.  Here are some benefits and challenges that occur due to social media use.


Connection:  Young people my use social media for “social connection.”  It is a way to share pictures and videos with friends and family.  They can also join groups with people who have similar hobbies.  For example, they can share interests in music, sports, and games.

Learning:  They can learn new things.  They can follow bloggers to learn new skills, find new recipes, or learn more about other cultures and places.  They can make their own content and art and share it with others.


Spending too much time on social media, means that young people could be missing out on other important growth promoting activities.

Social media is not perfect.  It can “expose teens to unhealthy content that is violent, dangerous, and inaccurate.”  The article says this can lead to multiple problems.  Issues can arise surrounding depression, anxiety, perfectionism, bullying, self-esteem, etc.

Healthy Social Media Habits

The article encourages families to develop a social media plan.  The plan would focus on effective rules for social media use.  Families would decide which platforms to use.  Then talk about what content is being made and viewed.  Also, on setting limits surrounding time spent on social media.

For more information, please refer to the Healthy article.

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