Dear Dr. Chen,

I am very grateful for your guidance and instruction.  For over 50 years, I have dealt with sexual addiction.  I have found it unbeatable despite my most ardent, sincere and determined efforts to control it.  Almost three years ago my life hit rock bottom.  I finally understood my life was uncontrollable and I could not beat the addiction by myself.  Quite by chance I met with Dr. Chen.  I told him my story and he said that I was a sex addict.  He handed me a book about sexaholism and told me to attend a 12-step meeting.  He told me that sex addiction was a disease.  He would work with me to help me manage the disease, but that I would never be cured.  Since that time with Dr. Chen’s help, my personal surrender, and the help of other recovering addicts, I have embarked on a path of spiritual rebirth.  This spiritual rebirth consists of physical, mental and emotional recovery.

I think that recovery has many components.  I cannot be completely successful without religious, social and professional therapy components working together equally.  I am grateful to have found all three components.  Even more grateful that my recovery is happily proceeding with a life connected to God, loved ones, and others.  I have appreciated Dr. Chen’s wisdom, suggestions, and constant reinforcement of me as a person of value throughout the process.

Sincerely,  Grateful

Dear Grateful,

I appreciate your kind words.  It has been a pleasure helping guide you through the recovery process.  As we have discussed on many occasions, recovery is not a destination. Recovery  is a life long undertaking that one must recommit to each day.  The process is not easy.  As you have experienced, there are many challenges.  However, with patience and persistence, the life improvements you experience will be well worth the effort.

All the best,  Dr. Chen

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