Appreciative – Thank you for the recent training you did regarding sexual addiction.

Dear Dr. Chen,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the recent training you did for UT NASW regarding sexual addiction.  I am very appreciative of your willingness to share knowledge with others.  I believe in the concept of addiction and that people struggle with addictions.  I also acknowledge that some of my clients have challenges with sexual acting out behaviors.  However, I was unsure about whether or not these behaviors fit into the model of addiction.

You generously shared your expertise and experience with us at the seminar.  You were able to clarify issues and answer questions about sexual behavior and possible sexual addiction.  I appreciate you taking the time to identify and explain the 10 criteria for addiction including:  Loss of Control, Compulsive Behavior, Effort to Stop, Significant Amount of Time Lost, Obsessing About the Behavior,  Interference of Obligations, Continuing Despite Negative Consequences, Escalation, Losses, and Withdrawal.  This helped me better understand patterns of behavior, the addiction cycle and how early trauma enables an addiction to develop.  You also provided great insight into sexually compulsive behavior and how it impacts clients.

I believe that because of your willingness to share your expertise, all of us in attendance will be better prepared to recognize possible sexual addiction, assist with these types of issues, and refer the clients for appropriate treatment when necessary.

I truly appreciate the training you provided and time you spent at the event.  Thanks again for your willingness to teach others!

Best Regards,



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